Italy and Zimbabwe will cooperate in car manufacturing


Industry-and-commerce-minister-Mike-BimhaR-and-the-president-of-El-Badaoui-group-Georges-El-Badaoui-at-the-signing-ceremony-in-HarareItaly and Zimbabwe signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on three areas of co-operation that will result in the manufacture of locally-made cars for the country and value addition in natural resources.

Industry and Commerce minister Mike Bimha said the vehicle would be a prototype adding that there was no name yet for the brand. “At the moment our thrust is to come up with a framework and we have set up a Memorandum of Understanding and the establishment of an entity to spearhead the design and manufacture of a Zimbabwean-made car with the potential to export throughout Africa. El Badaoui visited Willowvale Mazda Industries to assess the infrastructure currently in place,” he said.

Badaoui said the co-operation was on knowhow and technology transfer. He said the ideas that the company was bringing were part of the investment.

Badaoui and Bimha also signed for the establishment of an innovation company to undertake research and analysis of natural resources to be processed into new commercial products.