Alfa Laval’s Membrane filtration


Alfa Laval’s wide range of different membrane filtration equipment ensures that the best possible solution is available for each particular application.Spiral_membrane_how_it_works

The advantages of these solutions include:

1. Lower overall production costs
Membrane filtration systems are often less expensive than many other alternative technologies.
Especially the Alfa Laval PP spiral membranes that are more compact, thus a larger filtration area giving you a better performance and the possibility to produce a wider product range. These membranes give you sustainable benefits like reduction of water and chemical use as well as longer service life, meaning less maintenance and less downtime.

2. High end product quality
Membrane filtration is a clean technology. The separation process is carried out solely on the basis of molecular size, making the use of additives unnecessary. This results in an end product of top quality, and makes it easier to comply with the many stringent requirements from both consumers and public authorities. The Alfa Laval PP spiral membranes are even more hygienic than conventional membranes as they withstand high numbers of Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) cycles, hot cleaning temperatures and high pH levels.

3. Flexibility
Membrane filtration can be used for products with a wide range of different viscosities, including high-viscosity products thatuf_spirals_left_side_640x360 can be difficult to process. Alfa Laval membrane filtration equipment is designed on a modular basis that gives a high degree of flexibility. The design of a system can be customized to meet any process needs and is it easy to expand if production requirements increase.

…And getting the pressure right
The efficiency of membrane filtration systems depends heavily on the reliable, uninterrupted application of consistent pressure. Hygienic high-pressure pumps make the feed stream flow across the surface of the membrane and through its microscopic pores at a consistent rate, boosting both reliability and efficiency. You benefit from efficient logistics, from all the components dovetailing perfectly, and the advantages of purchasing the full spectrum of sanitary equipment and fittings from one single expert source.