TubeInspect P: the new generation in 3D tube and wire measurement


TubeInspect-P-AiconAicon presents the new generation in tube measurement: TubeInspect P. The system is equipped with latest camera and LED illumination technology as well as a highly precise and long-term stable glass reference. TubeInspect P8 is the first model of the series. It is equipped with 8 high resolution cameras and suitable for tubes and wires from 1 mm up to 125 mm diameter. The system measures with an accuracy of up to 0.035 mm. The measurement area of 1.000 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm covers 3D measurements of objects of up to 1 m in length. However, even longer tubes and wires can be measured without problems. The lateral doors allow for an overlapping repositioning section by section. This makes it possible to measure components with an end-to-end-length of up to 2 m. TubeInspect P8 fulfills highest requirements regarding accuracy and measurement speed. Combined with the software platform BendingStudio, the system offers various application-oriented functionalities. TubeInspect P8 fits onto a regular Euro-pallet. That saves transport costs significantly and reduces the space needed for application. Due to its compact size and the various convenient functions, TubeInspect P8 by Aicon can easily be transported to different sites for measuring.