Longer tool-life and performance consistency


Axe-Ht is the new tap from Yamawa for aluminium casting alloys threading. This new tap has been designed with a clear objective: removing all possible chipping problems which may affect performance consistency when threading  aluminium.
For this reason Axe-Ht has a new cutting geometry with negative rake angle to increase its strength and generating short swarfs – with a thicker section – that can be ejected more easily. The outcome is a longer tool life and more stable machining both on blind and through holes.


Axe-Ht taps have a recommended cutting speed of  7~12m/min on transfer machines and  20~30m/min on synchro-rigid machines. The range of application of Axe-Ht includes all manufacturing segments where machining of aluminium alloys is involved. The Automotive industry is certainly one of these segments in which the use of aluminium is constantly increasing: thanks to its light weight, alumiunium allows significant consumption reduction and enables excellent performance.
Besides Axe-Ht, Yamawa range for aluminium threads includes the Green Ring taps AL-SP for blind holes; LA-O for through holes and the Ultra fast for high speed threading.
Yamawa brand is distributed in Europe by Sorma S.p.a., a leading company in the cutting tool market.