Solutions for material handling applications


Forklift with cargoFrom shelving systems to industrial trucks and palletisers, products from Igus plastics expert’s are used for many different material handling applications. The tribopolymer specialist offers the sector a broad range of corrosion-free, lubricant-free and lightweight products, from guidelok slimline f right through to the iglidur prt. ‘Motion Plastics’ are plastic components that drive, support and supply and Igus wants to demonstrate its expertise in this area to its customers. the company’s products enable cost reductions while also improving technology. to help its customers in the material handling sector not only to save money, but also reduce space requirements, weights and installation times. for example, Igus has designed the autoglide system, after all, you do not always need a guide rail to reliably cover long travel distances. ‘guide combs’ can be used to convert the function of the Igus energy chain crossbars so that the chains drive themselves when laid.