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Productivity meets flexibility

Produtech lines match the laser cutting and/or punching-forming technologies with the coil-fed working mode, thus providing lots of productive advantages with respect to the traditional sheets-fed mode: each line is a unique solution…

Non-stop cutting and levelling

Processing of hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, pre-painted and pre-coated sheet metal, as well as non-metallic sheet metal such as aluminium and copper alloys: that’s what polish company Tesko Steel is all about. The activity…


Tecnocoil: new feeding lines with precision straightening

Tecnocoil is a young and dynamic company, which is able to satisfy many requirements closely-related to coil handling industry. Among the coil handling equipments lately manufactured, one stands out from the others for…

Versatility and modularity in slitting

Reaping the fruits of its technological know-how, in last months Tecnocoil has implemented a special plant, highly flexible and unique of its kind, intended for satisfying the specific and restrictive productivity criteria required…


Efficiency and productivity obtained with simplicity

The modern uses of sheet metal require higher quality cut products, while on the other hand globalisation means that it is now possible to purchase sheet metal coils virtually everywhere in the world….

Laser cutting

A laser that cuts aluminum and steel blanks from continuously fed coil stock

Schuler’s newly developed Laser Blanking Line can now cut such blanks directly from a moving sheet metal coil with the aid of laser beams. The process is called “DynamicFlow Technology” and involves the…

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