Productivity meets flexibility


Produtech lines match the laser cutting and/or punching-forming technologies with the coil-fed working mode, thus providing lots of productive advantages with respect to the traditional sheets-fed mode: each line is a unique solution on the market and it is customized according to the users’ productive needs.

Produtech designs and produces lines for metal coil processing, through electric punching and fiber laser cutting technologies. Competence, reliability and an exclusive technical know-how, together with a great focus on customers’ needs: these are the company’s business core values, which allowed it to grow and strengthen its presence worldwide since 1993. In particular, one of the market’s most important needs consists in having extremely flexible and productive systems: this productivity rate is not guaranteed by the traditional sheets-fed machines, which require big stocks and continuous sheets loading. So, in order to maximise production, making it faster and completely automated, Produtech focused its core business on coil-fed laser cutting and/or punching forming solutions.

Coil-fed punching machines are innovative, flexible and have high productivity rates

The combination of coil feeding and punching technology led to ALPI punching machines. Through the interpolation of all the machine movements (i.e. sheet advancement, transversal motion of the working units, tools holder rotation and control over the hammer position), ALPI cuts any shapes or geometric figures out from coil, both in case of metal materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium) and other materials (PVC, nylon, teflon): there are no limits in the production of holes, slots and notches. Also, the processed parts can be marked with logos, and it is possible to make deep-drawing, air vents, ribs (even curvilinear, by means of suitable wheel-tools), small beads and references for folds. All the processes, including cutting, are made with mechanical tools that do not produce fumes or incandescent scraps, so they do not affect superficial finishing or any potential protective films on the processed materials. All tools rotate and are operated by a hammer. The hammer is run by a reliable latest-generation mechatronic system providing high positioning precision with reduced electric power: thanks to this device, ALPI confers to the punches only the necessary strength for cutting the material, with high energy savings and accuracy (few hundredths of a mm) while positioning tools. Last, linear and torque motors assure high speed, positioning precision and absence of backlashes and wear, as well as minimum maintenance: all these factors are fundamental in order to keep perfect punch&die match.

Sheet metal laser cutting machine

Following the ALPI experience, Produtech applied coil feeding to optic-fiber laser cutting machines, with lots of interesting results. In particular, ISEO fiber laser lines join the typical advantages of coil processing (high productivity, optimized material usage, better and more flexible control over produced workparts) with innovative specs, like continuous cutting of a wide range of metal materials, including the most reflective ones (bronze, copper, brass and aluminium). Fiber laser operation is easily carried out: optic paths are no longer necessary in order to lead the ray into the suitable area; so, the laser assembly on the machine is simpler and maintenance costs are eliminated, because focal lenses, which usually get dirty and damaged, are unnecessary. No maintenance involves money savings; in addition, further money savings are allowed by a strong reduction in energy consumption, which is much lower if compared with CO2 lasers. In conclusion, this machine enhances coil sheet processing by cutting faster than punching machines and with a remarkable productive autonomy, thanks to continuous feeding, reduced maintenance needs and optimized unloading of the cut workparts.

Two different technologies guarantee excellent flexibility

EffiCOIL is a coil-fed combined laser-punching machine. This line gathers the whole Produtech know-how and is the top of the company range: it fully satisfies the production needs of different sectors, offering high efficiency rates with reduced environmental and economic impact. The line is equipped with two compact and independent working heads (electric punching unit and optic-fiber laser cutting unit) running aligned, thanks to an innovative electronic system: the units are perfectly synchronized and run on the same work area, with the highest precision and speed. Therefore, EffiCOIL is an innovative and flexible solution, because it cuts and forms coil sheets within a single line: the interpolation of the machine working axis allows to cut, punch and form any shape or geometric figure for producing parts directly from coil sheet.