Laser cutting

A laser that cuts aluminum and steel blanks from continuously fed coil stock


Schuler’s newly developed Laser Blanking Line can now cut such blanks directly from a moving sheet metal coil with the aid of laser beams. The process is called “DynamicFlow Technology” and involves the use of three coordinated cutting heads. Schuler’s new Laser Blanking Line now combines the benefits of a conventional press blanking line with those of laser cutting. In a single, continuous process, the sheet metal is decoiled, straightened, cut and stacked as blanks. The flexibility of the laser cutting process means that any shape can be cut, without the need for dedicated dies. Changes to the respective contours or even completely new blanks can be quickly and easily implemented. In the coil feeding device, the sheet metal is first wound off the coil by the decoiler and fed into the straightener at a constant speed. Coil tension and coil center regulation devices ensure smooth and precise feeding. In order to reduce coil changeover times, double decoilers or fully automatic cassette changing devices can be used for the straightener. In the laser cutting area (housed in a protective cabin), three fiber lasers with four kilowatts each cut the blanks in parallel from the continuously transported sheet metal coil. Thanks to the highly dynamic linear drive technology of the cutting heads, cutting speeds of over 100 meters per minute can be achieved depending on the material. Maximum process reliability is guaranteed: the consistency of the gap between cutting nozzle and material surface is achieved by means of a capacitive distance control device and any contamination is quickly identified by monitoring the protective glass. Three conveyor belts ensure that the coil stock is gently transported through the laser cabin, thus guaranteeing smooth and consistent flow under the cutting heads. Slag and transmitted radiation, as well as coarse dust particles and smaller scrap parts, are collected under the belt, while finer dust and smoke is sucked into a filtration unit. The line does not need to be retooled in the case of product changes: both the optical components of the cutting heads and the coil transport system are suitable for the entire sheet metal thickness range of 0.5 mm to 3 millimeters. Any necessary adjustments to the focus, cutting gas pressure or laser parameters are made automatically when selecting the stored product. The coil’s position is constantly monitored by a camera system and the laser cutting program is altered where necessary.


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    we are aluminium circle disc and cookware producer company .my name is Sefer Sınmaz , I am plant manager of company .we are interesting aluminium coil fed laser cutter machine . we are using 1650 mm coil width .thickness range 0,4-6 mm
    coil inner diameter : 500 mm , outer diameter 2000 mm
    mostly thickness range : 2-3 mm temper : soft and H18

    please send me proposal ,

    Thank you and best regards ,

    Sefer Sınmaz ,
    Almesan Aluminium company ,
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