Tecnocoil: new feeding lines with precision straightening


Tecnocoil is a young and dynamic company, which is able to satisfy many requirements closely-related to coil handling industry. Among the coil handling equipments lately manufactured, one stands out from the others for its straightening results. The line was delivered to a customer working in the automotive market, currently considered one of the most important and interesting for the forming technology. It consists of a driven decoiler equipped with its coil loading car, a precision straightener (RMV model) fitted out with 21 + 2 rolls, and a servo feeder. Because of its caracteristics it is the best solution for the precision straightening up to 3,5 mm thickness material. Focusing design on customer problems solving, the line was accessorized with decoiler translation on rails to align coil, peeler and threading unit to facilitate coil feeding into the straightener, motorized movements to adjust the position of straightening rolls carriage and prearrange the machine in easy way. To avoid any friction between spiral of the coil and to keep the strip surface free from scratches a special solution was designed and set on the decoiler together with a lower pressing arm which constantly acts on the coil. As regards to straightener, it is provided with 21 rolls (diameter of 41,9 mm) connected to the gear-box by means of universal joints. Moreover, to improve material flatness, a special cross straightening device consisting of 2+2 concave-convex rolls was added. With its own products Tecnocoil is a very versatile partner when a press feeding line or a special solution for coil processing is required.