Snap telescopic cover: the “easy access” cover


fotopeiPEI srl presents Snap Telescopic Cover, a new protection that allows easy access to either the whole cover or machine tool: eventual maintenance interventions are rapid and the total time required is reduced to a minimum. Given the construction philosophy of the new cover, “multiple”, single damaged panels can be replaced without requiring any special tools. Snap Telescopic Cover comes completely assembled without any welding so it can be disassembled into components. Snap Telescopic Cover is made of high resistant steel, the recommended maximum dimensions are up to 1 metre wide and 4.5 metres high. The new telescopic cover is characterised by a closed configuration and being independent from the machine structure, polyurethane wipers can be mounted and are protected in the opening of the spindle passage, it can bear speeds of up to 150m/min with a synchronisation mechanism as well as acceleration up to 2g. PEI srl has applied for a patent.