High-performance machining with maximum safety


schunkSchunk Tendo Aviation combines the strengths of hydraulic expansion technology with those of Weldon mountings: the impressive features include permanently high run-out accuracy, perfect vibration damping and tool changes in a matter of seconds by means of an Allen key. Even very close form and position tolerances can be maintained with high precision. The potentials of the tool and the machine can also be fully utilized. Schunk Tendo Aviation enables a maximum torque transfer with continuously high precision and process stability. Therefore it offers considerable advantages over traditional Weldon mountings and heat shrink toolholders whose run-out precision diminishes over time. It prolongs the life of the tool cutting edge, increases the tool life travel, while producing brilliant surfaces. In addition, the even load profile increases the life of the spindle and spindle bearing. Like all Schunk hydraulic expansion toolholders, Schunk Tendo Aviation needs no additional peripheral equipment, which can be expensive.

The clamping diameter is flexible and can be reduced by means of intermediate sleeves, which allows the same toolholder to be used for different shank diameters. Unlike ER collet chucks or heat shrink mountings, the attractively priced high-end toolholder is resistant to dirt, and features a low-maintenance design. To increase the life of the toolholder while ensuring maximum process stability in sensitive processes the precision toolholder can be inspected by Schunk Service in performance checks and optimized, if necessary. It can be used for machining of turbine blades or fuselage frames in the aviation industry, turbochargers rotors and steering wheels in the automotive industry and titanium- or nickel-based alloys in metal processing. The precision toolholder is available for the interfaces HSK-A63, HSK-A100, SK-40, BT-40 (ø 20 mm and 32 mm) as well as SK-50 and BT-50 (ø 20 mm; in addition, ø 32 mm is planned).