Selective precision galvanic surface treatments


APERTURASpecialized in the galvanic machining of precious metals, like rhodium, gold, silver, palladio, ruthenium, Galvanelettronica Electroplating provides its competences to a diversified panel of applicative sectors, granting product and process quality and timeliness in delivery times.

Specialized in the execution of surface galvanic treatments, Galvanelettronica Electroplating in Cinisello Balsamo (MI) can boast a deep experience that has allowed it to supply, in time, diversified sectors, where quality and precision represent an indispensable preliminary assumption for the job order acquisition. Such, in fact, are the requisites demanded for instance by the aeronautical/aerospace sectors, by the electro-supply and the automotive industry, today the main fields served by the company, with the addition of those connected with telecommunications and microwave transmissions (both in terrestrial and space ambit), military, marine, motorsport, medical and railway.

(from the left) the brothers Alberto and Lorenzo Brandimarte, respectively technical manager, quality manager, as well as owners of Galvanelettronica Electroplating s.r.l. in Cinisello Balsamo (MI).
(from the left) the brothers Alberto and Lorenzo Brandimarte, respectively technical manager, quality manager, as well as owners of Galvanelettronica Electroplating s.r.l. in Cinisello Balsamo (MI).

«Activity– explains Lorenzo Brandimarte, who manages the company together with his brother Alberto – that concerns special galvanic coatings, performed through special machining processes, with high specialization and consolidated experience in the selective treatments of very complex components, too. Our highlight resides in fact in the great skilfulness in treating precious metals, such as rhodium, gold, palladium and silver and in innovative particular treatments like those carried out on peculiar metals, such as titanium, Kovar and stainless steel».

More in detail, the main galvanic treatments executed by the company can be synthesized as follows: rhodium-plating, gold-plating (pure gold/gold alloy), silver-plating, chemical nickel-plating (medium/high phosphorous), ternary alloy (white bronze), tin-plating, chemical passivations on various types of metals and their alloys.

Process quality and precision
As already underlined, Galvanelettronica Electroplating can boast a deep competence in selective galvanic treatments, i.e. coatings of the only surface of interest or coatings of the surfaces with different thicknesses from zone to zone.
«Compared to the past – explains the Technical manager Alberto Brandimarte – today the market asks us for high-quality batches but of medium-small sizes. Complex projects whose added-value resides in our capability of supporting our customers’ teams and dialoguing with them. Including even the development of prototypes, due to the value and the high technological content for which the parts we treat are very often intended. Small size pieces, with complex shapes and with the most different and selective coatings, as already mentioned».
Components that, once treated with purposely studied processes, must be obviously validated and tested through severe control methodologies, besides the measurement of thicknesses, tests carried out in climatic and thermal chambers to assure the adherence (of the performed coating).
«This is the most delicate phase – adds Lorenzo Brandimarte –, highlighting the quality of the work carried out, with the definitive solving of eventual criticalities that a project can arouse. Sectors such as military and aerospace, which we supply, are very challenging under all respects, for obvious reasons. Eventual detachments, discolorations or whatever surface alteration would cause applicative – in some cases even disastrous – consequences. The fidelization of our customers, however, demonstrates their great appreciation of our activity and unrivalled quality of process and results».
Competences and quality, then, granted by a qualified and prepared staff, where a chemical operates as production manager, supported by about fifteen people.

Timely and flexible productivity
Among the galvanic processes used by Galvanelettronica Electroplating stands out especially the silver-plating one to which, besides the static piece machining system, they have dedicated a state-of-the-art automated plant for small metal parts, with a manufacturing performance that can reach 200,000 pieces/day.
«Non-static silver-plating but for plant – underlines and ends Alberto Brandimarte – that allows us to operate with the highest productive flexibility, granting times of response, and then of complete supply to customers, in the lapse of 48 hours».
Another important plant is dedicated to gold-plating of pure-gold type (generally used in military and aerospace ambit), or in gold alloy (Gold-Nickel, Gold-Cobalt highly used in electro-supply) and also the rhodium-plating plant, particular metal not treated and managed by all. All processes managed and coordinated in full conformity with a Business Quality System developed and certified according to the EN ISO 9001:2008 regulation.

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Company name: Galvanelettronica Electroplating s.r.l.
Region and City: Lombardy – Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
Appurtenance trade sector: foundry and treatments
Activities and machining: galvanic treatments, metal silver-plating, metal gold-plating, metal rhodium-plating, chemical nickel-plating
Machined materials: Copper, Aluminium, Steel/Stainless steel, Titanium, Copper and Tungsten alloys.
Main destination sectors of the production: microwave telecommunications and transmissions in both terrestrial and space ambit, military, avionic, marine, automotive/motorsport, medical, railway, broadcasting, electronics and electro-supply.
Average delivery times: 24/72 hours for non-selective treatments; for the latter, we agree delivery terms with customers in compliance with galvanic process times.
Required payment times to the buyer: to be agreed.

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