Roboris Eureka Virtual Machining


roboris mgRobot3 OKRoboris develops Eureka Virtual Machining, a complete software simulation suite that includes two main products: EurekaGCode ed EurekaRobot. EurekaGCode performs a complete simulation and verification of any G-code program. A realistic 3D simulation of the machine tool is also included. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and allows also editing the program and simulating on the fly the result of the changes.
EurekaGCode helps to avoid risks of damaging expensive work pieces, breaking tools and fixtures or even crashing a CNC machine because of programming errors.  EurekaRobot converts APT or ISO code generated by any CAM system into a program for a 6 or more axes robot cell using a dedicated postprocessing module. During the conversion process EurekaRobot calculates the optimal movements of the robots and of the external axes simulating all aspects of the machining. The software detects problems like singularities, collisions, out of limits and offers powerful, easy to use tools to overcome them. At  MECSPE 2016  Eureka rel. 7 will be on display. Among the many additions and  enhancements of this release:


The code has been completely overhauled for a dramatic performance improvement: up to twice as fast for the 64 bit version. In particular, the new “Turbo” mode makes the material removal simulation up to 5 times faster.


Possibility to pick specific manually controlled axes, from PLC or NC.

New kinematics editing functionalities (example: interactive node positioning).

More information in the kinematics tree: current chain, spindles, tools, logical/physical axes.


Now supported: Universal Robots UR5 and UR10, Kuka CamRob, Kuka CNC and Kuka-Siemens.

Toolpath mirroring directly from the APT editor.

New powerful tools for capturing a toolpath on a mesh: offset, rotations, tool radius compensation, approach, retract.

New SEQUENCE command.


Osai UPR for UVW axes now supported.

New window for CN status and simulation statistics.

Heidenhain probing cycles now supported.


New parametric tools categories.

New tool search and filter functions.

Material removal by concave tools.

STL inserts for lathe tools.


Better integration with EurekaMobile and EurekaCloud.

The Floating License manager can now be installed on virtual machines.

New languages: Czech,  Chinese.