Schuler’s Crossbar Robot 4.0 awarded for good design


schuler-crossbar-robotSchuler’s Crossbar Robot 4.0 for the automation of press lines has received the sought-after seal of quality for good design, the Red Dot, at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 competition.

The presentation ceremony, the Red Dot Gala, was held in the Red Dot Design Museum on the site of the former coal mine Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany, at the end of June. In its final verdict, the jury stated: “The smooth surfaces of the industrial robot appear immaculate and fluid. The bright white communicates cleanly executed workflows.”

Meanwhile, Schuler has unveiled two new models of the Crossbar Robot. The Crossbar Robot 4.0 S is equipped with an additional shift axis which enables it to also use the Crossbar Feeder tooling – which in turn is used for automating press lines with ServoDirect Technology. Schuler has thus fulfilled a wish frequently expressed by its customers. Thanks to its additional equipment, the Crossbar Robot 4.0 H can also be used in hot forming processes, e.g. for the production of hot stamped parts.

With an output performance of up to 15 parts per minute, the Crossbar Robot 4.0 is ideally suited for the automation of mechanical and hydraulic press lines and for the retrofitting of existing lines. It is 20 percent more energy-efficient, 50 percent lighter and 50 percent more dynamic than its predecessor. And thanks to its process data interface, it is also well prepared for Industry 4.0. The Crossbar Robot 4.0 can be viewed on request at the Automation TechCenter Gemmingen.