Prototype casting providing permanent mold machine


Usa Prototype Casting now adds a permanent mould casting to  their foundry . The hard tool is cut from graphite or steel, and the tooling can be single or even multi-cavity, depending upon the size and the quantity of the parts required. The tool life depends upon the tooling material as well as part geometry. Usage of permanent mould casting reduces the price for single mould use which proves to be economical for customers. Eliminating the cost for labor and material usually equates with sand casting, making it even more affordable. Because of the metal being under high pressure, production of less stress tooling, the casting is less expensive.

Prototype Casting also offers Aluminum and Zinc die casting. Talking more about it, one of the representatives from Prototype Casting stated, “The tooling can be single or multi-cavity depending on part size and quantity requirements. Expected tool life can vary based on the tooling material and part geometry. Die casting eliminates the cost of labor and materials for single use molds and is the most economical method for making high quantities of parts in a short time. American-made die castings are often cost-competitive with foreign-made parts, with superior lead times, quality, and shipping costs.”

Besides this, the aluminum heat treatment provided by the company is used to treat aluminum castings to T6 condition. This is done within two to three days after receipt of parts. This is useful for customers as it provides better lead times, as well as an increase in capacity.