The new Meusburger’s Catalogue Workshop Equipment


Following the great success of the 2014 first edition of the Meusburger’s catalogue Workshop Equipment, the Austrian expert in standard components is broadening its range of workshop equipment. In the 2015 edition of the catalogue,besides cutting tools and consumables, customers will find devices for surface finishing and many other useful products. Meusburger_Katalog_Werkstattbedarf_2015

The new edition of the Meusburger catalogue Workshop Equipment includes more than 400 additional items for daily work in tool and mould making. Besides cutting tools, measuring equipment and consumables, the product range also includes assembly equipment, lifting equipment, erosion accessories and clamping equipment. All products are made by well-known manufacturers who meet Meusburger’s high quality standards.

Especially in the field of workshop equipment, a vast range of products from various suppliers are available on the market. Comparing, selecting and ordering may take a lot of time and effort. The catalogue Workshop Equipment for Tool and Mould Making 2015 presents a well-selected range of high-grade products which are required on a daily basis.

At the extensive Meusburger warehouse, with more than 18,000 m² of storage area, there are about 70,000 items in stock. This ensures permanent availability and very short lead times.

Thanks to its 50 years’ worth of experience in working with steel, the leading manufacturer in the field of high-precision standard parts is highly valued by its customers. Meusburger is a reliable partner for tool making, moulds, jigs and fixtures. The company continuously adapts its range of products and services in order to meet its customers’ needs. ‘To produce our high-grade standard parts we require high-quality materials and tools, just like our customers do. From our many years’ worth of experience, we know the best equipment and suppliers for efficient machining. Now our customers can also benefit from our expert know-how in this area’, says Guntram Meusburger, the Managing Director.