Non-contact thermometers enhanced by high-efficiency route manager and additional damage protection


foto4_ametekThe new Cyclops L family from Ametek measures temperatures from 200°C to 3000°C. Their applications including liquid metal, steel and glass production and furnaces.The Route Manager enables users to identify each location with a description, an emissivity value, a window correction factor (if applicable) and a unique identifier. This mode allows for complete repeatability of readings, making the thermometer an ideal tool for multiple locations requiring regular and reliable monitoring. All can be downloaded to an optional logger to capture, view and record live temperature readings for further analysis and comparison.

The thermometers have precise, narrow field of view and continuously focusable optics with through-the-lens sighting for accurate sample point selection. Long-term, drift-free measurement with available UKAS calibration to the highest international standards assures confidence in the readings. A new industrial rubber casing cover and lens hood provide additional damage protection.