Metals and plastic materials for industry


FOTO1_Commerciale Fond spaIn 2014 Commerciale Fond SpA continues its activity with renewed energy  based on the trading of Bars, Tubes, Plates and Sheets in Aluminium, Bronze, Cast Iron, Brass, Copper, Semi-finished Plastics besides Investment Castings produced through the Lost Wax system in all steel qualities, both stainless and alloy or common steel.

FOTO2_Commerciale Fond spaIn these 40 years of activity, we have realized that the demands of the market are always more oriented towards the supply of services, therefore we have strengthened our distribution network by establishing three locations placed in Modena, Milan and Turin, with an efficient service center able to make disc and band cuttings of all our products, as well as milling of cast iron bars until 3.400 mm.