New nylon 3D printing filaments from MyMat Solutions


MyMat-solutions-releases-nylon-3d-filaments3Spanish company MyMat Solutions has introduced two new nylon-based 3D printer materials, Ultra Nylon and Soft Nylon, suitable for durable, mechanically sound prototypes and end-use parts. With the polyamide-grade 3D printing filaments, MyMat aims at improve FDM 3D printing applications in key industrial and consumption sectors such as the automotive and areospace industries.

Both filaments come in 1.75 mm and 3 mm rolls and boast versatility, strength, and improved mechanical properties that will reduce printing issues such as warping and curling. They offer universal compatibility, and are manufactured and tested in Spain. In order to make it even easier for consumers to improve their printing experience, MyMat has included detailed datasheets and printing guides for each product on their website.

MyMat Ultra Nylon 3D printer filament is carbon fiber reinforced and guarantees resistance to high temperatures (they recommend 260ºC hot end and 20-25ºC room temperature for bed), excellent mechanical and adhesion properties, and superior aesthetics. It is an industrial solution material that has broad applications in heavy-duty industries such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

The Soft Nylon 3D printer filament comes in a white/natural colour (as opposed to the Ultra Nylon which is black), and offers improved adhesion, flexibility, and a smooth, glossy finish that works well on mirror surfaces with with lacquer application. Again, they recommend temperatures of 260ºC for the hot end and 20-25ºC room temperature for bed.