New line of torches by Lorch


Lorch Schweißtechnik introduces its latest generation of innovative torches, more powerful and offering enhanced ergonomics. Designed to fit perfectly in your hand and boasting an optimised operating panel, these new machines will never lose their cool – even at 550 amperes: the new line of MIG-MAG torches engineered by Lorch Schweißtechnik leaves nothing to be desired and offers the user workplace safety and efficiency at the most advanced stage. Stepping into the shoes of their already exceptionally powerful predecessors, these new machines offer improvements in every detail – especially in terms of ergonomics and performance. Marrying design and function in the most seamless way, these new machines produce the best work results possible.

Fig1_MIG-MAG torchesNew grip elements added to the handle recess make these MIG-MAG torches even easier to hold, allowing the welder to work for extended periods without putting excess stress on his body. Optimised torch cooling and a now even more carefully designed heat dissipation feature make sure that the machine will not generate too much heat even if used for extended duty cycles – no matter if the machine is cooled with gas or water. Better still, the torch will also cool down faster when switched off, allowing the user to move it with perfect ease and safety. The new torches significantly boost efficiency in the welding process thanks to their new grip elements, an optimised indicator panel as well as new and improved control buttons. This most recent generation of MIG-MAG torches is also set apart by its optimised handling in all positions, the option to quickly and easily change the torch necks thanks to their Euro central connection and the exceptionally robust design that provides for superior service life. As an added benefit, the hose packages can be connected in an easy and highly versatile manner. The standard version of these Lorch MIG-MAG torches is available in ten different variants (compared to eight in the previous generation). These models can be ordered both in a gas-cooled (ML 1500 to 4500) and a water-cooled (MW 5300 to 5900) variant. The high-end version, the MW 5900, can handle up to 550 amperes (formerly 500) at a duty cycle of 100%. The torches included in the Powermaster line with remote control operating panel are available in a total of nine variants.

LorchFig2_MIG-MAG PushPull torches is also launching a new generation of MIG-MAG PushPull torches. Compared to the previous generation, Lorch managed to shave even more weight off these new machines and optimise their ergonomic properties even further. These PushPull torches come standard with a universal PA liner for 0.8 to 1.6 millimetre steel and aluminium wires and operate with universal wire feed rolls suitable for steel and aluminium. These machines feature a MIG-MAG welding power source that is combined with an independent pull system built into the torch. The Powermaster version allows the welder to set all essential welding parameters directly at the torch using a remote control operating panel. This eliminates the need to switch back and forth between workpiece and machine. The hose package is eight metres long. When using the fully digital push-pull control, the welder can enjoy the benefits of an intricate system that automatically establishes and, if necessary, restores synchronised operation of the wire feed units. This feature makes it possible to combine up to three feed units and reach a maximum range of up to 43 metres.

Users can choose between two types of push-pull torches: the gas-cooled variant LMG-PP 3600, capable of handling a maximum current of 310 amperes (260 A during mixed gas operation) when operated with CO2 and a duty cycle of 60 per cent. And a water-cooled variant that is even more powerful as it can operate at 500 amperes and 450 amperes when used in combination with CO2 and mixed gas, respectively.