ABB: absolute precision and maximum flexibility with systems for welding of large metal structures


ABBWhen the parts to be welded become larger and heavier, a robot integrated with a gantry system can be equipped for higher payloads by using single or multiple axes positioners.

ABB’s gantry solutions ensure a more efficient use of floor space and are ergonomically designed to facilitate the operator’s task while complying with the highest safety standards.

To maximize the benefits of production process automation, ABB has expanded its offering to include a wide range of equipment that has the flexibility and modularity to meet the needs for middle and large-sized welding systems. An advantage of gantry-robot integration is that you can control up to three additional axes of gantry motion and both units can be integrated into the IRC5 Robot Controller without having to invest in more external control hardware. Additionally, all the external axes are coordinated with the robot’s own axes and controlled through the same control unit. A wide range of optional accessories, including auxiliary axes (workpiece positioners), sensors, torch cleaners, TCP calibration units and safety devices, are available to complete the systems, providing manufacturers of medium to large-size parts the opportunity to leverage a tested technology integrated within a fully equipped production unit dedicated to robot welding. ABB gantry solutions are “100% made in Italy” to take advantage of Italian excellence in the production of world-class industrial equipment.

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