Merry Mechanization presents new Interactive Nesting


ia_nestMerry Mechanization (Merry Mech.) has improved its Interactive Nesting in the company’s 2D and 3D SMP/IS software which helps operators save time while increasing their control over the nesting process. Combined with the company’s industry-leading CAD/CAM sheet metal fabrication software, Interactive Nesting lets operators arrange individual parts in a nest and then treat the nest as a single unit for further processing. According to a spokesperson for SMP/IS, “By using Interactive Nesting to automatically perform nesting functions, you will save valuable time and materials without sacrificing control.” The Interactive Nesting routine within SMP/IS now offers optimum flexibility for operators to create nests with specific parts while allowing automatic processing for previously created nests.

To create a nest, an operator has complete freedom to choose the most appropriate parts. He can place any number of parts on a blank and choose identical parts, specific part groupings or all the parts of a particular assembly. This flexibility allows the operator to choose the parts that will result in the most efficient sheet metal fabrication, in accordance with production goals.

Once the operator has decided on the best approach, he can specify an approximate size for the blank and choose the necessary parts from a part list. When he has entered the first part number, the part shape attaches to his cursor. Using the new Interactive Nesting routine, he can now move the part, rotate it, flip it and place it on the blank. After he has placed the first part, he can proceed with another part, repeatedly arranging and placing new parts until all the required parts are nested.

Additional features help arrange the parts in specific ways. While creating the nest, the operator can duplicate or delete parts already placed. The reorient option lets the operator align the edges of two parts and specify the distance between them. Together with the concatenate option, he can eliminate duplicate, unnecessary or overlapping hits. To fabricate large numbers of parts, the operator can program a grid of particular nests or sub-assemblies. When cross-posting to another machine, Interactive Nesting automatically adjusts the tooling and notes incompatibilities. The operator at all times has these new automatic features available to save time while retaining the ability to intervene and adjust nests where required.

Merry Mech. offers Interactive Nesting as part of its complete suite of SMP/IS CAD/CAM software to help customers minimize material waste and reach their productivity goals. While providing the operator with total control over part placement, Interactive Nesting includes automatic features that save time and make the process more efficient. The software represents one aspect of Merry Mech.’s commitment to deliver the latest in advanced sheet metal fabrication software with high levels of customer service, training and support.