Brady launches a new guide to combat spills


brady-hazwik-chemical-spill-kitBrady presents new guide to effective spill controlSpills in the workplace slow down production and cause accidents. Many slips and falls, which are one of the main causes for workplace accidents, can be avoided with an effective spill control programme. Meltblown polypropylene sorbents, unlike granular spill control, are a clean, fast and effective spill control product that can be used to combat spills both preventatively and reactively to drastically reduce the impact of spills in the workplace. Brady released a new new Sorbents & Spill Control catalogue, including brand new spill control products and a practical user guide.

Many industrial companies still use granular to clean up spills. When waste disposal and labour costs are taken into account however, the meltblown polypropylene SPC solutions provided by Brady are way more efficient and cost effective. They absorb up to 25 times their own weight meaning both the amount of product needed and the waste disposal cost are dramatically reduced. On top of this, Brady´s SPC products absorb typical spills in mere seconds and can be used and disposed of just like a towel, significantly reducing the amount of labour involved in cleaning up a spill. Unlike granular, meltblown polypropylene has no small particles which can damage machinery.

Brady´s SPC products come in three categories. “Coolants, solvents, gasoline, vegetable oil, kerosene and other water-based fluids are best removed with Universal absorbents”, says Dominique Roosen, EMEA Product Manager at Brady. “Oil only absorbents are developed specifically to quickly remove hydraulic, motor or cooking oil, brake fluid and turpentine. They do no absorb any water, making them ideal for outdoor and marine applications. Chemical absorbents are used against aggressive chemicals, citric acid, sodium hydroxide and others. We have colour-coded our spill control categories for easy use in the workplace.”

An extra advantage of meltblown polypropylene spill control is that it can be moulded into any shape. “This enables us to provide the best solution for any industrial context and really strengthens the preventative use of spill control. Pads are best suited for wiping or placing under drips, while pillows and SOCs can be placed around equipment to prevent a spill from spreading over time. Mats & rugs are ideal in heavy traffic areas and Brady also offers a special category to combat spills on watery surfaces.”

Depending on the volume of liquid spilled, or expected to leak, Brady can offer meltblown polypropylene spill control in one or several layers. “This effectively creates tools that can cover a range of spills from intensive spills on smaller surfaces to small spills spread out over a large surface, all the while maximising efficiency and return on investment. SPC products have been used to combat major spills such as The Deepwater Horizon oil spill.”