Machines for dishing and flanging dome ends too


There is a continuous evolution of the Vertical Technologies, which let produce tanks in vertical  inside the factory or in the field according to customer necessities, and applications are several: food and beverage (wine, milk, beer, fruit juice…), petrochemical industry, pharmaceutics, etc.. Through these installations tanks can be shortly manufactured from coils or sheets, guaranteeing completeness of all processes: bending, cutting and welding, achieving an excellent product.

To increase the offer of highly technological solutions Imcar has developed the production of Machines for Dishing and Flanging dome ends too, that consist of multiple machines, among which there are presses with fixed portal up to 1000 tons thrust (on request even machines of higher capacity can be produced).
Thanks to the solid construction, one of the main characteristics of these machines is their reliability and ability to withstand hard works.

Besides, in addition to the Press and Manipulator, to complete the production process of dished ends, Imcar increased the production of Flanging machines adding some models dedicated only to the dished head flanging with radii up to 300 mm and thicknesses up to 30 mm (on request even machines of higher capacity can be produced).
For Flanging machine models up to 8mm thickness, we have also the possibility to cut the discs to be subsequently flanged (like the one in the video), while for models with radii of edges over 70mm and thickness exceeding 8mm our machines can only flange.

All machines are entirely designed and manufactured at our facility with materials and components from the best brands, designed to support heavy duty cycles with guaranteed performance, which characterizes the work excellence and the long life of Imcar products.