A solution for milling and other metalworking


fotogoglioGoglio Milling System designs its machines according to some fundamental guidelines: simmetry, structural rigidity and reduction of vibrations, dynamics, design and manufacturing, maximum exploitation of the spindle motor, great accessibility, maximum attention to all operational need of the customer and machine efficiency.

One such example is the PX Series, the machine with double column portal. The vertical movement of the head is possible thanks to the movement of the whole crossbar. In this way the machine is in condition to react in the best way to the thrusts generated by working tools. Thanks to its high rigidity, we can apply a broad range of electro-spindles with performances spanning from 10,000 RPM with 31 Kw and 193 Nm., up to 15,000 RPM with 28 Kw and 120 Nm.