Enclosures for Lab Automated Processes


enviromaxHEMCO EnviroMax Enclosures are engineered to isolate lab automation instrumentation and processes that include liquid handling, powder and sample weighing, and high throughput screening.  They are available in standard sizes or can be fabricated to meet your exact size or design specification.

The enclosures can feature either a vented exhaust system to protect the user or HEPA filtered supply system for clean workstation requirements to protect the process.  The HEMCO Bio-Enclosure features HEPA filtered clean supply to protect the process and also a front face velocity to protect the user.

HEMCO EnviroMax Enclosures can be built unitized or modular depending on whether the enclosure needs to be disassembled.  Access can be from any or all sides in glass, acrylic or polycarbonate either horizontal sliding, vertical sliding, or hinged.  A wide selection of accessories are available such as worksurfaces, tables, electrical and plumbing services, ventilation equipment, and safety components.