ARTDOSING: quality, flexibility and high efficiency with cost benefit


artimpianti2Developed by a partnership between Artimpianti Italy Snc and Fonderie Palmieri SpA, an Italian cast iron foundry, Artdosing is conceived to ful ll the tasks of a Flexible Manufacturing System.

Artdosing is a brand new product for the cast foundry market. Delivering products with high Quality standards of different
shapes in a short period as a prompt response to customer requirement is an important factor for small and medium-size foundries in order to grow and sustain.

Artdosing system is a solution for the following barrier faced in foundry

1) Rigid pouring with intermediate furnace, which are suitable for mass production
2) Pouring manually or by crane with higher risk of human injuries.

Each empty ladle can be refilled with a cast iron alloy melt of different chemical composition with no extra energy for heating .i.e., treatment of cast iron can be done without pouring the molten alloy and allowing the operator to get sample in an easy manner before and after the metallurgical treatment.

Artdosing is a sophisticated design, wherein the geometry can be adapted and configured for custom requirements. Artdosing has a floating fulcrum point on the ladle located close to spout so that it optimizes a laminar and concentrated pouring stream in the die sand. Load Cells are provided for continuous monitoring of Electronic Weight display of material in ladle. Weight ranging from 300kg through 1800kg, both coming from oven/ after pouring/ after metallurgical treatment, with a precision of ±2 Kg, enhancing the machine control.

A very important safety improvement is that operator will be sitting comfortably and control the operation from an enclosed artimpianticabin protected from drops/splashes during pouring. The system Artdosing was created, following the change of European market in production of castings in a wide spectrum of cast iron alloys, but especially the quantities and types of alloy requests have been changing over the last 10 years.

The advantage of Artdosing-model is summarized as follows:

  • Artdosing allows customer to use the equipment with minimal or no
    changes to the melting and forming upstream process;
  • The system can be used for small quantity of alloy according to the model
    that is present in molding;
  • Artdosing is very flexible and can move/ reach every area of the plant
    without rigid items such as crane or having additional furnaces which
    will boost energy savings;
  • Casting quality will improve as pouring will be a continuous and laminar
  • Ladle carrying capacity 300 through 1800 kg;
  • Weight control is continuous ;
  • Low maintenance and investment cost.