Wind turbine generators in Canary Islands


energyA spanish project in the Canary Islands aims at installing Wind turbine generators under motorway viaducts and bridges to produce electricity. The energy industry sector is of strategic importance to the Galbiati Group: the company builds Kaplan turbines for wind farms and carries out top quality mechanical machining for turbine components.

One of the latest developments in wind turbine generation is the project to install wind turbines under bridges and viaducts in order to provide electricity to 5 million households. The idea comes from a study conducted by an Anglo-Spanish research group led by researcher Oscar Soto of Kingston University. This study takes the Juncal viaduct as a model on the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands): it was calculated that two turbines with a combined power of 0.5 MW would produce enough energy to meet the needs of 450-500 Spanish households. On a European level, installing this type of system would produce about 5.5 GW of total power.