Imcar presents 3 rolls 3RHT model with variable geometry


Imcar will exhibit the 3 rolls 3RHT model with variable geometry able to bend metal sheets from 10mm up to 200mm thickness.
Accuracy, speed and high performance of bending (both in pre-bending and bending) make Imcar‘s 3RHT  a unique machine, especially when working thick materials.
The 2 side rolls (with their horizontal movement) and the upper one (with its vertical movement) can move independently to obtain the best results.
The main advantages are: possibility of bending a wide range of thicknesses and materials, adjusting the geometry thanks to the independent movement of the 3 rolls; the sheet is always in horizontal position, even during the process of pre-bending, preventing the sheet from slipping or tipping over; possibility of quick replace of the upper roll; savings on foundations, in fact working in horizontal with lateral rolls, the working height can be reduced; PLC + control desk for easy control of all movements; alarms and immediate stop device in case of emergency and braking system with moving heads to always ensure 100% of braking.