NewStark, tailor-made production for bending units roll


Roll units are devices that allow simultaneous calibration and bending of metal sheet or steel.
In comparison with standard punch/matrix solutions, operators can extraordinarily reduce both the number of progressive die steps and the tonnage requested for bending.
Many kinds of bending can be produced with these rotary benders, such as undersquare folds (with an angulation less than 90°), open folds (greater than 90°) and with large radius, always maintaining the requested tolerance.
Also performs «Z» open folds, doublefold ecc.
The system consists of a rotating previously shaped according to required applications. The product is built with very strong materials, wear and compression resistant, hardened and surface treated in order to considerably reduce friction.
According to different fixing system, three different models can be chosen: each model can vary depending on the type of material, thickness, geometry, bending radius and length.
Since several applications are to be found, NewStark decided to provide its customers with tailor-made products.
The final user, after having elaborated the 3D file with NewStark technical office, confirm it, allowing the production team to start the project.