New Dalcos LXN1500, a laser cutting system with patented vision system


The new-born DalcosLXN 1500 is the latest update in laser cutting field.  The system has a larger working area that makes the production more efficient, fast and flexible. LXN 1500, like all Dalcos laser systems, is equipped with the Dalcos vision system increasing the precision and flexibility of the production.
Dallan exclusive vision system Laservision received the official patent certification the last June and uses a high-resolution camera that identifies both the strip/panel edges and the pre-cut holes. The way it works is extremely simple for the operator and the algorithm developed by Dallan software engineers takes care of the measuring and calibrating.
This exclusive system, available in all Dalcos LXN and ELXN laser cutting systems, ensures high performance, high precision produced parts, high flexibility processing and several advantages:

1. Processing long parts up to 14 m length
2.Processing from coils and from pre-cut sheets
3. Working without any side guide and extremely fast setup
4. Working with coils from the steel mill
5. Processing of pre-punched panels