A new 180° turner eT-Hover-loop in the Eurotech lifter series


At Blechexpo 2017 Eurotech will present the highlights of its catalogue to a professional audience. This year, the multi-talented eT-Hover-allround lifting device and the 180° turner eT-Hover-loop will be joined in the ring by the eT-Lift-mini, a compact version of the Eurotech tube lifter series with a pistol grip.

EuroTech modular eT-Hover-allround is a compact, versatile tool, the base unit of which can be converted individually and flexibly to fulfil a wide range of handling tasks. This true multi-talent allows horizontal and vertical lifting, pivoting and rotating through 360°, as well as combinations of these movements. Vacuum-sealed loads such as metal sheets, glass panes or plastic or wood panels can be handled in many different ways. Depending on the vacuum components and vacuum generators used, these lifting devices can handle loads weighing up to 500 kg. The eT-Hover-allround is equipped with four suction cups that can be moved along the cross beams. Additional suction cups can be added depending on the task at hand. Their size and order is based on the type and size of the objects to be handled. The expandable, ergonomically designed control panel combines all necessary functions: suction, aeration, crane up/down, turning and pivoting. The control unit is equipped with a blow-off function to ensure safe detachment of the load. The eT-Hover-allround is fitted with a 2-circuit system and is also available as a battery-powered device suitable for construction sites.

A new champion in the ring, the 180° turner eT-Hover-loop will be competing for the first time this year. This lifting device turns flat, vacuum-sealed loads of different materials around 180°. Using a linear actuator, it can turn panels weighing up to 500 kg. This device, too, is equipped with an ergonomic operating handle, allowing the user to control all functions intuitively.

While the eT-Lift-mini operates in a lower weight class, it is just as useful as its brawnier colleagues. Repeated bending over, lifting and moving of even light to medium-weight loads can lead to back problems: the eT-Lift-mini prevents such injuries. It is a small, compact tube lifter with a pistol grip. The pick-and-place device suitable for frequently recurring work processes can handle loads such as furniture parts, sheet material, cardboard boxes and other packaging weighing between 20 and 65 kg.