3T Patent for outstanding suppliers


3T srl is a Piedmont company that executes heat and thermo-chemical treatments on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, conferring them higher resistance to wear, to seizure and corrosion, as well as better fatigue strength, depending on the various cases.


3T-Trattamenti Termici Torino starts its activity with few plants that have gradually increased, requiring an enlargement of the operational surface: today are at work 26 plants in the technological forefront, coordinated by control criteria constantly upgraded.
The Turin company proposes various treatments, in particular those in controlled atmosphere, such as the Casehardening, also of components with maximum height of 1.20 metres positioned orthogonally, the pre-casehardening Annealing to preserve products against possible deformations during the treatment, the Carbonitriding, with furnaces for both small metal parts and bigger components, oil Hardening, Tempering and stabilizing, the Normalizing in controlled atmosphere, the Annealing in controlled atmosphere, the gaseous Nitrocarburizing, the gaseous Nitriding, the Solubilisation and the aluminium ageing.

A demanding market
Today 3T is a consolidated reality in the sectors of automotive, earth handling machines, motorcycle and machine tools. The Piedmont company approaches each reality with dynamism, believing that today it is essential to dialogue with customers, to support and to advise them in their different requirements and demands. «Our way of interacting with customers – explains Guido Rovetto – has resulted in a precise business choice: for some years, we have been organized on 3 shifts 6 days a week, so that we can fulfil promptly also those job orders received on Friday evening, with required delivery term on Monday».
Still with focus on the dynamic approach, 3T, ISO/TS 16949-certified, is provided with a well-equipped metallographic laboratory, housing microscopes, hardometers to detect Vickers, Rokwell, Brinnel hardness, with a mounting press for the implementation of metallographic specimens and a quantimeter for material analyses.
«Our policy consists in working with broadmindedness, betting on partnership and service, facing all kinds of problems and always privileging productivity, low costs and technological development. However, we are also eco-friendly and we like investing in both high-tech plants and in human resources, fundamental for the company’s growth» adds Rovetto.
Due to this vision, today 3T is the reference treatment company of «Tavolo della Meccanica», a net of companies that, among its goals, pursues the target of teaming up, to approach the market in more structured and suitable manner for the management of important job orders, both in Italy and abroad.

Patented process
Nitruless, nitriding in oxidized gaseous phase
NitRuLess, process patented by T Srl, combines a nitriding surface hardening process with a post black oxidation, to grant notable mechanical specifications and resistance to corrosion.
The high resistance to wear, with consequent improvement of fatigue strength behaviour, is achieved thanks to the diffusion of nitrides on the surface matrix; besides, since it is a hardening process that does not provide for a quench hardening phase, the dimensional conformity is respected, therefore with absence of deformations.
The porous surface layer of the white sheet (<1/4 of the total) produced by nitriding, grants an excellent anchorage of the successive black oxidation and precisely due to this characteristic, the resistance to corrosion (>240 h) is aligned and comparable with the standards of electrochemical coatings (for instance, galvanizing). Unlike electrolytic processes, Nitruless does not confer criticalities from the point of view of hydrogen embrittlement and deferred failures.
Nitruless can be applied to all typologies of Fe-C alloys, from unalloyed steels with low carbon content (flat rolled products) to alloyed ones (by casehardening or by hardening and tempering), up to encompassing various cast iron typologies.

The company in pills
Company name: 3T – Trattamenti Termici Torino Srl
Region and city: Piedmont, Rivoli (Turin)
Short description of the company: Heat treatments on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, with metallographic test in lab.
Appurtenance sector: Mechanics
Activities and processes: heat treatments on finished materials and tumbling, sandblasting and tribofinishing processes in collaboration with external companies
Processed materials: special and alloyed steels, cast iron, aluminium and copper.
Fleet of machines/equipment: 6 pit furnaces, 1 continuous Humbert furnace, 6 ipsen chamber furnaces (600x900x350), 4 Humbert bell furnaces, 6 pit furnaces for NitRuLess, 1 Cieffe horizontal chamber furnace for nitrocarburizing-nitriding, 3 pit furnaces for annealing (h 1800, φ 900), 1 chamber furnace for tempering in controlled atmosphere (1000x900x900)
Delivery terms: according to the treatment
Export: Currently, the company is prevailingly oriented to the domestic and European market
Logistics: depending on specific requirements