Yamawa’s new taps reduce production time


Yamawa introduced a new family of ACHSP taps that enables significant reduction of production time in the manufacturing of Aluminum workpieces that require threading of cored holes. The time reduction is possible because ACHSP taps allow tapping directly, skipping the calibration phase and at the same time eliminating the risk of tool breakage.

ACHSP taps feature a special frontal cutting edge enabling calibration of the cored hole, bypassing the need for an intermediate drilling phases and reducing drastically the risk of tool breakage, usually very frequent because of the reduced or irregular dimensions of the cored holes.
Besides the frontal cutting edge ACHSP taps performances are enabled by a few more innovative design features, including:
– a specific frontal cutting edge geometry;
– through coolant;
– the combination of a ultrafine grain carbide substrate with a film of special coating to reduce to minimum both tool wear and chipping;
– reinforced shank to improve tap rigidity.

ACHSP taps allow stable machining even at very high cutting speed (30÷50 m/min). High cutting speed together with the elimination of the calibration phase translates a significant reduction of machining time for each component produced, without impacting the quality of production or process stability.

This new type of taps is the ideal solution for Aluminum parts machining in areas with mass production requiring a high number of threads (e.g: automotive industry). «The continuous research for solutions enabling productivity increase and production process stability are more and more a priority for manufacturers of a segment particularly competitive such as the metalworking industry. Answering to this key requirement, Yamawa has developed the ACHSP range, specifically designed to optimize the production cycle of an application which is becoming increasingly common in mass production segments» – says Alessandro Sorgato, CEO Yamawa Europe. «The development of this range is another important step taken by Yamawa to reinforce its approach to listening and addressing customers’ needs. We start from specific needs and we end up with solid and specific solutions».