New chuck changing system from Autoblock


SMW-Autoblok as a leading manufacturer of workholding has developed the new and innovative chuck changing system CCS.  The CCS chuck changing system can be installed onto new machines or can be retrofitted to any existing CNC lathe. Standardized adapter parts allow the use of different kinds of workholding devices(for example 2-jaw chucks, 3-jaw chucks, collet chucks, mandrels and manual fixtures) on the same chuck changing system.

With a simple turn of the key any workholding device is connected to the machine spindle as well as to the draw tube of the actuating cylinder. This guarantees easy, quick and safe operation. Instead of spending half an hour to changeover a chuck it simply becomes a matter of minutes. The hardened and precise ground chuck changing system and adapter parts offer highest accuracy when changing any device. A large through hole and a visual safety control of the locking status completes the versatility of the SMW- Autoblok chuck changing system.

The chuck changing system by Autoblok is now available for ASA spindles A6, A8, A11 and for cylindrical spindles for diameters Z170, Z220, Z300.