WIDIA launches HydroForce HT™ universal hydraulic chuck


HydroForce HT high-torque hydraulic chuckWIDIA introduces HydroForce™ a new high-performance, high-torque universal hydraulic chuck. WIDIA, the world’s leading provider of wear-resistant products and applications engineering, recognizes the foundation for successful machining is built on rock-solid reliability and performance.

“The right chuck maximizes tool life, workpiece surface quality, and production flexibility, and this is the most advanced hydraulic chuck available – a first-choice solution for all rotating applications,” says Doug Ewald, global product manager at WIDIA.

With a more compact and stable design, featuring a 40% thicker front wall cross-section, HydroForce HT provides the increased rigidity necessary for improved cutting parameters and better results. Clamping force is up to three times better than regular hydraulic chucks, and with improved vibration dampening, runout is three microns at 2X diameter overhang. Balance quality of G2.5 is achieved at speeds up to 25,000 rpm.

“All this robust performance is available in a high-torque chuck requiring only two sizes for all your rotating tooling tasks,” Ewald continues. “Direct clamping is available for 20 and 32 mm (0.75 and 1.5 in.) diameters and reducer sleeves are applied for all other diameters.”

More cost-effective than expensive thermo shrink-fitting operations; up to four times more clamping force compared with collet chucks; and higher balancing quality performance than power milling chucks, HydroForce HT is a cost-effective universal chuck solution that simplifies inventory while maximizing tool life and machining results for milling, drilling, reaming, and other rotating applications.