Waiting for Metal China 2014


The top foundry industry will meet at Metal China 2014 on May 19-22 at China International Exhibition Center, Beijing. The event will take place on 100,000m2 show areas with 100,000 exhibitors from more than 80 countries and regions. This edition will be focused on some new key trends in foundry industry, such as automation, 3D printing and digital dieless forming,  environmental friendly equipment, functional casting materials to boost energy efficiency, leading high-end products and foundry cluster. Here you are a preview of Metal China’s highlights.

metal china

Automation in increasing in foundry industry, since robots are able to do repeated and labor-intensive manual work to improve productivity. Metal China will host many robots manufacturers, such as REIS Robotics, Grenzebach, ABB, Zhejiang Wanfeng, Fanuc and KUKA, that will display their innovative products for molding, core making, feeding, cleaning, and handling.
The exhibition will demonstrate also the applications to foundry area of 3D printing and digital dieless investment casting forming technology that will make a change to the traditional production mode. Advanced Manufacture Technology Center of China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology will showcase 28 digital dieless investment casting molding equipment with national invention patents, by cutting through sand directly (ceramics, graphite, resin sand, coated sand, etc.) to get all kinds of complex shapes of molds/cores. But the cost is only 1/10 of that of die manufacturing.

Attention to environment is a driver of Metal China 2014. Dozens of environment friendly equipment and a series of dust removal equipments will be showcased at the event. Wuxi Xizhang, for exemple, will exhibit a new generation pulse dust collector– Burning plastic plate dust collector which can effectively filter dust with particle size ≥0.1μm, and emission concentration is less than 1mg/Nm3, which is able to better reduce the emission concentration of PM2.5, while its volume is only 1/3 of traditional baghouse collector.

Functional casting materials can boost energy efficiency, so at Metal China there will be more than 100 exhibitors to showcase various functional casting materials for targeted quality problems. Leading enterprises will showcase high-end castings for energy, power, machine tools, rail vehicles, ships and other fields, as well as advanced management concepts and quality control technology. Finally, all of well-known foundry cluster areas—Hebei Botou, Hunan Jiahe, Anhui Ningguo, Shanxi Zezhou, will show at the exhibition to exhibit their featured products as well as upgrading experiences.