The digitalization of the industrial chain



EVENTS – From the 17th to the 19th March 2016

Digital Factory doubles its offer. The special initiative, that has reached its third edition, will be joined by the new Digital Factory Exhibition to discover the various applications of the 4.0 Industry

The fourth industrial revolution is today. The 4.0 Industry, able to respond to the radical change that is hitting the whole manufacturing sector, do not represent any more an option for the companies, but a real chance for growth and business. According to a survey from McKinsey, indeed, companies are expecting a production increase of more than the 25% thanks to the Digital Factory that will be the big protagonist at MECSPE, the international trade show about technologies for innovation, scheduled in Parma from the 17th to the 19th of March 2016.

DSC_1121The digitalization process of the industrial chain will be done again through two different but synergyc suggestions. The Special Initiative “Digital Factory – Beyond the automation” will be joined, indeed, by the new Digital Factory Exhibition, addressed to the project phase and to the various steps of the process for the control of data information. A complete offer that will give a 360° overview about how the 4.0 industry can make the production processes more efficient, both from the reduction of timing and costs point of view and from the one of the choice of the best industrial partner. With the new Digital Factory Exhibition visitors will be able to get to know the various application spheres of the digitalization procedure that involves the whole industrial chain, including all the processes and subprocesses of the life cycle of a product: from planning and analysis activities to the development request, up to the removal from the market and the management of the supply chain. The new production system will be examined in its entirety and potentiality: from Software to IoT, from IT to industrial Sensoristics and Cloud Manufacturing, up to the automatic identification technologies (RFID – NFC Near Field Communication).

Learning experience, information exchange and update will be made more real by the fact that MECSPE is the only exhibition that suggests an initiative at concrete level and not only a visual one, giving in this way a unique experiential and practical skill within the project. The Digital Factory initiative represents the beating heart of this concept. The production chains placed in the different pavilions will relate, indeed, a specific subject of the Digital Factory that will tie, in this way, all the moving machines present at MECSPE. The project phase will get its shape and visitors will have the chance to observe and touch all the working components and get a clear and precise idea of that particular component of Digital Factory or of that technology of specific interest.