Successful restyling for Meusburger’s web site


www-273504_640Two months after the relaunch, one thing is certain: the restyling of  Meusburger web site ( is well received by its users! A growing number of products and services, a wide range of languages and changes in user requirements: to do justice to these parameters, the web site at  was completely revamped. The main aim when designing the Meusburger web site was to help users find the information they are looking for with a few clicks of the mouse. In particular, visitors can find the product they are looking for more quickly and the online catalogue is more easily accessible. The appearance and structure of the new web site is clearer and more user-friendly.

In the “Meusburger portal” registered users are able to use customised services such as the tracking of deliveries or ordering trade fair tickets. The filters in the download area enable an exact and fast output of relevant information and documents. Since the beginning of August, the new web site has been online in 18 languages and the report shows that this diversity of languages is used very often. The internationality and dimension of Meusburger is not only reflected in its multilingual web site, but also in the large number of users from all over the world it is accessed by. In order to enable faster access and to improve the system’s stability, the web site’s capacity has also been increased.

In response to the fact that Meusburger customers increasingly use their smartphones or tablets to access the web site, an additional mobile version has been created. The increasing number of accesses shows that the mobile version is also very successful.