Standard und spezielle Standard and special rotating joints


Turian Eng, with headquarters at Castellanza (VA) taking up an area of 3500 sq.m., of which 2000 sq.m. for the workshop and 500 sq.m. dedicated to offices, manufactures a broad and diversified range of both standard rotating joints, constantly upgraded and keeping pace with the latest technologies, and of rotating joints customized according to specific requirements, developed and engineered in detail by a dedicated staff and with the most advanced 3D systems.

After the production, each component is accurately controlled before the assembly and each joint is then opportunely tested. In that context, stand out, among the others, the rotary joints for water, air, oil and vacuum of the GR-B790 series, for universal applications. The pair of sealed bearings assures the alignment of sealing surfaces with the smoothest sliding of the joint itself, even in presence of harsh operation conditions. This model is equipped with a special supplementary seal for the bearing protection. The balanced seal allows maintaining the sliding surfaces under an almost constant load, irrespective of the pressure of the conveyed fluid, thus reducing friction and wear.

The standard execution provides for the rotating seal of synthetic Carbon Graphite and for the stationary seal of sintered Silicon Carbide (SiC), both interchangeable. Working with water, several tests have highlighted for this combination of materials a much longer service life than for the pair Graphite-Ceramic under the same working conditions. The combination SiC/SiC is available for the most challenging working conditions. The simple and fast replacement of seals, coupled with their long life, makes this model very cheap, too.