Sheet metal processing at Blechexpo


blechexpo_logoThe Blechexpo international trade fair for sheet metal processing and Schweisstec international trade fair for joining technology are showcasing product and service offerings presented by roughly 1200 exhibitors from 36 countries around the world. The exhibition, which is hosted by Stuttgart, Germany, represents the entire spectrum of sheet metal, pipe and profile processing.

With more than 150 new exhibitors and strong growth, above all amongst foreign manufacturers and distributors, the complementary know-how platforms. Exhibitors come from 36 countries around the globe – led by Germany. Germany is followed by traditionally well-represented countries such as Italy and Switzerland, whereas countries like Turkey and China are working their way up in the list bit by bit. The Netherlands, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Spain are very well established too.blechexpo

All in all, Blechexpo and Schweisstec 2015 will occupy more than 965,000 square feet of overall exhibition floor space, which corresponds to 21% growth. Today, growth rates of this sort can only be achieved by consistently focusing on solutions which are aligned to process sequences – and the automation of processes and materials handling plays a significant role in this respect. As a result, more robots and handling systems will be showcased at Blechexpo and Schweisstec than ever before, and the same applies above all to automated thermal curing and joining technology, as well as mechanical fastening.

With the complementary issues of sheet metal, pipe and profile processes plus joining and fastening, the trade fair duo covers the overall process sequence from commercial fabrication right on up to industrial production. More and more product diversity with increasing numbers of variants on the one hand, as well as smaller lot quantities and quick changeovers on the other hand, necessitate maximised flexibility – on the whole and where the details are concerned too – namely with regard to equipment, utilisation, applications and changeovers. For this reason, Blechexpo and Schweisstec will present a full spectrum of highly practical, standalone and complete hardware and software solutions ranging from components and modules right on up to subsystems and tooling.