From traditional lines to complex plants: Asservimentipresse


fig.asservimenti 1Thanks to the increased demand, we are currently experiencing a very lucky time. The market develops rapidly and Asservimentipresse, company located near Milan, adapts itself to this new market trend with a wide range of plants, in order to satisfy many different customers. Asservimenti’s traditional plant, consists of three machines: decoiler, straightener and feeder. These are able to supply presses from 100 to 300 strokes/min. The compact plant, composed by decoiler and straightening-feeder processes material with width 200 -2000 mm and max. 14mm thickness. We also build plants able to process coil with width 800 mm and thickness 5 mm. These lines, provided  with Siemens control system, are connected both to the press and to the teleservice system, “teleservice is very important to us – says Mr. Albini – because we sell plants all over the world and it is essential to help customers through remote control. Another type of plant, composed by decoiler (25 t) and straightener-feeder can handle strips up to 5 mm thickness. It reaches 1000 N of resistance and need many rollers to obtain a proper stretching. The latest news from Asservimenti is the free app for Android and iOS “Coil Weight”. It is a small but useful app that allows the simple and practical calculation of the coil weight.