EuroBLECH Hall 27 – Stand J63

Servo presses customized for every customer


The 200 tons model 2DMR-SD-200 servo press manufactured by Balconi for a French customer answers to specific needs thanks to a high-level of customization studied with the customer. The manufactured machine has a great flexibility of use, with 220 mm maximum stroke the press reaches 100 spm but with smaller strokes it arrives up to 180 spm in pendulum mode. The mechanical has been developed by Balconi while the motor, electric power cabinets and software has been supplied and certified in cooperation with Siemens. The designing phase has been developed starting from a longitudinal shaft solution. The customizations produced are significant for the customer thus allowing to have a product perfectly complying with customer’s needs. Specific attention has been dedicated to brake angles as, considering the different device types, it is necessary to stop the press in safety in case of die problems. Software development engendered a specific study as to manage all client’s devices also giving him the possibility to make in the future modifications in complete autonomy without compromise servo press security therefore it has been implemented two different PLC which are interconnected one to each other. A first PLC has been dedicated to the press function safety management however, the second PLC, has been reserved for the customer peripheral devices software (i.e. band spray lubrication, management of tapping and threading devices integrated into the dies, the several recovering and subdivision of the produced parts systems). Considering the extreme precision requested from the customer’s dies it has been decided to equip the servo press with hydrostatic guide system without contacts which together with the Plunger system assure ram guiding within few centesimal, parallelism values and a long-life of dies, extremely increased in comparison to traditional presses.