EuroBLECH Hall 15 – Stand F05

3D waterjet cut with a new 5-axes head


CMS Metal Technology, the specialised brand of the SCM Group in the metal machining sector and waterjet cutting technologies, will exclusively present at the next edition of EuroBLECH, the latest generation 5-axes head JD5ax, which is able to provide unique cutting options on a vast range of materials. The result of the extensive and decade long experience garnered by CMS in specialised sectors such as aviation and the car industry, the JD5ax is the example of how waterjet technology can achieve increasingly efficient and high performance results. The specifications of the JD5ax maximise the operating flexibility of CMS’s 5-axes Waterjet systems and guarantee extremely high levels of accuracy and quality in the parts produced with abrasive water jets. The innovative 5-axes head JD5ax allows users to achieve extremely low conicity levels, guaranteeing accurate cuts and high quality finishes. The secret lies in the infinite rotating axis, entirely new in the range of CMS waterjets, and the axis that can be tilted up to +/- 60°, both wholly designed and manufactured by CMS engineers. The show will also feature the extensive range of CMS Metal Technology, with deburring and finishing machines of the dmc line: from the compact dmc m950 wet, for the wet deburring and graining of metal surfaces, which is extremely flexible and adaptable to variable production requirements, thanks to its highly modular structure, to the dmc metal system, the top of the range dry deburring-finishing machine, fitted with the exclusive planetary unit with oil bath gearing, for industrial companies and advanced subcontractors that want to bring together productivity, reliability and flexibility, with excellent deburring results, edge rounding, removing oxide from edges and finishing in general.