Reliable and optimized AC/DC power supplies


Fig_01-460x345Bluergo represents a supplier of AC/DC power supplies for all those realities that intend to integrate them into their cards, since they are characterized not only by the optimization of electrical parameters but also by the reliability and the strict compliance with regulations, both for the electrical safety and noises.

Bluergo’s mission is the design, production and marketing of electromagnetic components such as stators for stepper motors, small-medium power inductors and transformers. The company has always been committed to the care of the “green” aspect of products, to the extent of introducing a line called “Le@f”, characterized by low losses, with RoHS components and processes. Concerning this, the natural evolution of this process is the low-medium power design of SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply).

This type of power supplies, whose operation principle has been known for a long time, provides the advantage of having smaller sizes and higher efficiencies than conventional configurations. However, the fact of generating a square wave with frequency of several dozens of kHz, levels of hundreds of Volts and rapid switching fronts causes the formation of undesired high harmonic contents that can be source of noise for close equipment. This aspect implies a high criticality in terms of both conducted and irradiated emissions, with the consequence that a relevant part of the cost is due to the filtering of noise signals. It is necessary to pay attention to this aspect in the drawing up of the card layout as well.

In this context Bluergo operates as supplier of AC/DC power supplies for all those realities that intend to integrate into their cards an equipment of this kind, characterized both by the optimization of electric parameters, like efficiency, and by the reliability and the rigorous conformity with the regulations concerning electrical safety and noises.