Productivity tripled with Schuler’s Powerline S blanking line


Bild3Schuler’s Powerline S blanking line with punch and cut-to-length shear accelerates production of edge profiles for Wirth GmbH. The machine was put into operation a few weeks ago and is already demonstrating the wisdom of the acquisition.

“We received an order for 34 metric tons of edge profiles which a single employee was able to complete within eight hours with the new coil line,” reports Production Manager Rainer Roth. “That’s a huge saving. With the old machine, it would have taken at least 24 hours and required two employees.” At the very least, these would have been needed to load the heavy, up to six-meter-long parts onto the punch-nibbling line for perforation after decoiling, straightening and cutting to length.

Wirth GmbH ultimately realized the need to invest in advanced technology when the company added purlins and crossbars – the load-bearing elements for hall roofs and walls – to its range of edge profiles: “It complemented our product portfolio and the market for such parts is growing,” explains Managing Director Holger Schadwinkel. “We therefore needed favorable production possibilities in order to keep up with the competition. Our old line couldn’t offer us such conditions, though.” After all, purlins and crossbars are generally perforated and the existing machine did not have an automatic punch unit.

And the final verdict? “The machine does exactly what it promises,” says Production Manager Roth. “Schuler met all our requirements in full.” “We’re in safe hands with Schuler,” agrees Managing Director Schadwinkel. “They’re true professionals.”