Comev: the new CNC EVO range


fotocomevThe chosen name is not accidental because we talk about real evolution: new software, new design; important progress bearing witness to the dynamism and commitment of the company in research and develop new solutions to meet the needs of customers.
The objective of Comev is to offer a product easy to use, with high performance, low power consumption and high security level. CNC machines are equipped with user friendly interface which, through the touch screen and the software of default programming, allows the guided writing of new programs in a very short time. Also, to ensure greater optimization in terms of analysis of the process defined in the new program, the EVO machines provide for the 3D display of the machining simulation with the use of integrated CAM functions.
The design of the new machines has required a careful study of ergonomics and aesthetic in order to make the product “lathe” performant, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically functional. It’s been completely restored the control console, adjustable according to three degrees of freedom (parallel: Z-axis, perpendicular: X-axis and with different angles), in order to allow a better maneuverability and a perfect view of the process by the operator. It was expanded the windows of the doors to allows a full view of the working area during the cycles behind closed doors.