Grein: new generation of barriers


foto greinThese products represent an ideal solution for safety problem on machinery and industrial plant; in particular these new units replace the series Aster with separated control box, the series Artscan 4500, and the B series. On the basis of different application are presented two types of equipments.
Grein‘s Series EFESTO extend the use to wherever it’s necessary to protect operators from the risk of fingers – hands- body using dangerous machinery; They are employed as straight elements – master and slave with muting and blanking system for: punch presses, stamping presses, die cutter, robotic area, assembly lines, packing and wrapping machinery, automatic warehouse.
Series KEEPER with muting sensors inside the arms (T or L version) or external side for: palletizer machinery, robotic area, assembling line, automatic industrial warehouse, way for automatic AGV vehicle.