New size available for Meusburger’s assembly table


With over 50 years of experience in working with steel, Meusburger is well known worldwide for its high-quality standard and outstanding service. To meet the growing demand, the air-cushioned assembly table H 4062 is now available in a new size to spare time and money. Meusburger_H 4062_assembly_table_996 x 1846

The air-cushioned assembly table has been developed by Meusburger to facilitate operations in repair and assembly work on injection moulding, die casting and punching tools. Until now, the table was available in the sizes 496 x 1156 mm and 796 x 1496 mm. Meusburger has now extended its range with a third table sized 996 x 1846 mm. This enables the use of the assembly table for repair and assembly work on even larger tools. The principle behind it is both simple and ingenious: by way of many air nozzles, an air cushion is created on the underside of the moveable plates. This ensures light and easy movement of the tool halves. The separate control enables the efficient handling of both tool halves without having to reposition or turn them around. This means greater safety for the workers and protection of the valuable tool from damage.

The H 4062 Assembly table has been designed to withstand strong impacts and loads of 3,000 to 5,000 kg. Narrow tool halves can be fixed with a mounting bracket. By enabling easy and efficient working, this innovative product from Meusburger helps save time and money through reduced fitting times. The air-cushioned assembly table is CE certified. It is supplied in a complete set including a stand, a tool cabinet and numerous accessories.