New series of dosing machines by StrikoWestofen


15-03 Functional designStrikoWestofen presented a completely redesigned series of dosing furnaces designed to reduce costs, save resources and make work easier. For years now, the worldwide manufacturer of thermal process  technology for light metal casting has been well-known as an expert and a pioneer for energy-efficient dosing and melting solutions.

15-03 General Manager Rudi Riedel
StrikoWestofen General Manager Rudi Riedel: “After years of development work, we are proud to present our completely redesigned series of dosing furnaces at the GIFA 2015 in Düsseldorf. With it, we enter the next stage of development in dosing technology.” (Image: StrikoWestofen)

“We are proud to be a German company at the forefront of development whose innovations set new standards for dosing furnaces in light metal casting. Especially so considering that the requirements – for the casting of structural components for example – have been steadily rising,” explains StrikoWestofen General Manager Rudi Riedel. “After years of development, the GIFA is always precisely the right context for presenting our innovations to experts worldwide.” The focus at StrikoWestofen was on offering a new technology for aluminium foundries with further improvements in terms of availability, energy efficiency, operation, operational safety, space requirements and sustainability. This is because even higher dosing precision and easy controllability contribute to saving resources and making life easier for the personnel in foundry companies.

The performance and availability of dosing furnaces and the maintenance effort they require can only be realistically demonstrated by values measured in practical operation. “5,000 Westomat sold mean 5,000 opportunities to build on the experience of our customers, which was valuable and inspiring for our product development. This is why good cooperation with customers and manufacturers of foundry machines is so important for successful development”, Riedel explains. For this reason, the engineers from StrikoWestofen regularly evaluate the data coming from dosing systems. These are recorded while the foundry systems are in operation and are provided to us by our customers. As these values are based on the experience gained with various in-situ parameters, they give us information on the optimum conditions in combination with the foundry system used as well as data showing the requirements of a foundry company. “Among other things, our new series profits from an innovative type of heating, improved insulations and an excellent, even more functional design. Happily, we were able to gain the services of an internationally well-known machine designer for the development of the design – that’s how much Peter Reuther is prepared to reveal in advance. In addition, our new developments allow companies to make another step towards doing more sustainable business.”